Machining Intelligently

High IQ Lines


The DOVE IQ DRILL features a unique design, utilizing the carbide flexibility for self-locking; eliminating the need for clamping accessories. The robust structure of the drill with the concave cutting edge design enables drilling at high feed rate, providing very accurate IT8 – IT9 hole tolerance.

The DOVE IQ GRIP is a new line for deep heavy grooving with a unique frontal locking mechanism.  It features a very rigid dovetail clamping, User-friendly locking mechanism with frontal access, unobstructed chip flow and a wide variety of standard sizes in the range of 10 to 20 mm.

The new IQ845 family of face mills have a square double-sided inserts with 8 cutting edges. The milling cutters feature a very soft cut due to a high positive cutting edge inclination which features a very good surface finish in roughing applications as well.

The DOVE IQ TURN clamping mechanism can firmly hold double-sided inserts featuring double negative prism flanks. The dovetail pocket and insert prismatic flanks prevent the insert from being lifted by the cutting forces.


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Trusted Brands

Brands you can trust, such as the metalworking brands from WIDIA: Hanita, Metcut, Manchester, GTD & Circle.

The industry’s best RFID portal for inventory management.

Cuts your inventory consumption by 20-40%

Industrial RFID portals are a great way to automate the inventory management process of a large tool crib, without requiring you to move additional staffing from value-added production.

You can rapidly and accurately issue, return, and automatically track items from an unmanned tool crib or stores area using the Intelliport system. You can even use it to secure your existing tool crib, “tool cage”, fixture crib, guage crib, or stores area.



Introducing M12™ Heated Gear: the first-ever line of wearable products to harness the power of REDLITHIUM™ battery technology and provide hours of active heat both on and off the jobsite. M12™ Heated Gear conveniently utilizes the same batteries driving our M12™ tools. Engineered for those who don’t let cold weather stand in their way, our durable carbon fiber heating elements give users the extra boost they need to power through the harshest winter.

From heated pockets to high visibility striping, M12™ Heated Gear offers a variety of features that help our users be the best at what they do.